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Bulgarian Platform European Women's Lobby

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Direct support to victims of all forms of violence and gender discrimination


Analyses of national and European legislation and policies


Advocacy at local, national and European level
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History of the Bulgarian Platform - European Women's Lobby

Over the years, the Platform has implemented various campaigns aimed at adopting legislation to protect and prevent violence against women, including:

  • campaign for Bulgaria’s accession to the Istanbul Convention;
  • for the adoption and implementation of the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence;
  • changes in the Criminal Code towards effective protection from gender-based violence;
  • Law on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, etc.

The European Women’s Lobby The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) unites the women’s movement in Europe and aims to influence the general public and the European institutions to work in support of women’s rights and to achieve real equality between women and men.

We are Europe’s largest network of women’s associations, representing a total of over 2000 organisations in all EU Member States and candidate countries, as well as 18 coalitions from across Europe. We represent the diversity of women and girls in Europe.

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Get involved in upcoming events and trainings on women and girls in Bulgaria and Europe.

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Expertise and practice

We belong to the largest alliance of organisations and activists working to build a just Europe, based on our feminist values of equality between women and men, respect for diversity, our values of peace, dignity and justice.

Discussion Club JEE-RAV

Put women on the map in small settlements

The Women-Raw.BG Discussion Club aims to create opportunities for a broader public debate on violence against women, women’s participation in decision-making processes, including politics, women’s participation in the economy, the image of women in the media, stereotypes and sexism, minority women, women and education, women and health.

Do you want to organize a meeting in your location or discuss a topic that is important to you?